Nathan Gesner

Nathan Gesner


What position(s) do you currently fill?

How would you describe your position or duties?
As the Treasurer, my duties include facilitating the development of an annual operating budget, ensure proper accounting of all receipts and disbursements, hold quarterly budget meetings, provide regular financial reports to the Board and the members, and make recommendations on budget adjustments, as needed.

How much time do you spend serving the board each month?
I meet with the Board Secretary weekly to sign checks and review any updates (about 30 minutes). I attend the monthly Board meeting (90 minutes) and hold a quarterly Budget Meeting (60 minutes). All told, this position takes approximately 4 - 5 hours a month.

What motivated you to join the board?
Serving on the Board is an opportunity to help improve our profession, particularly in the local area. It's a great opportunity to network with other REALTORS and learn from each other and I am more aware of my community through service.

What benefits do you receive from serving?
I am a better agent and a better citizen of the community. I am forced to look beyond myself and my business to seek ways to better help my fellow REALTORS. I learn something new every week!